The Tytyri Hall

Far below ground in the Tytyri Mine Experience is the Tytyri Hall, where conferences and celebrations can be held in a pretty extraordinary setting. The Tytyri Hall has space for up to 100 meeting attendees or party guests – no matter what the nature of the occasion, you won’t forget it.

Arranging events

The meeting areas hold up to 100 people. The Tytyri Hall contains log tables and benches, and each table seats 10. Download the layout of the Tytyri Hall from here. The floor of the Tytyri Hall is tiled with concrete slabs.

The Tytyri Hall is supplied with an air heat pump, and the temperature in the room is about 20 °C.

It is not necessary to wear safety helmets in the Tytyri Hall, but helmets must be worn in the mine tunnels. Helmets are given to all visitors at the visitor’s cabin of the Tytyri Mine Experience.

Serving of food

Service of food and coffee in the Tytyri Hall can be brought with you, or ordered from a catering service of your own choice. You’ll find more information from here. The Tytyri Hall contains a small kitchenette with running water.

Evening events

Events must end before 22.00 – that is, all guests must leave the Mine Museum by 22.00 at the latest.

Alcohol consumption

Moderate consumption of alcohol in the Tytyri Hall is allowed.

Smoking underground is not permitted.

WC facilities are in the visitor’s cottage at ground level, but there is also a portable toilet near the Tytyri Hall.


Please leave the Tytyri Hall in the same good condition that it was in before your event.

Equipment available in the Tytyri Hall

  • Data projector
  • Cine projection screen
  • Audio equipment

Internet and phone connections work underground.

The Tytyri Hall offers exotic environment for meetings and celebrations. For reservations, please contact Lohja Tourist Travel Centre: +358 (0)44 369 1309 or

Rent for the Tytyri Hall

1 hour: EUR 250
2 hours: EUR 300
3 hours: EUR 350
4 hours: EUR 450
5 hours: EUR 550
6 hours: EUR 600
7 hours or the whole day (8 hours): EUR 650

The price of the Tytyri Hall includes the rent of the Tytyri Hall, one guide and VAT. 24%. For security reasons, an additional guide is needed for groups of over 30 people and for all over 2H events with alcohol or people who want to smoke during the event. The cost of the additional guide is 29 € / H / guide.

Discount from the mine Experience tour

For groups that have rented the Tytyri Hall for 5 hours or more will get a discount of the Tytyri Mine Experience tour. In this case, the price for the tour is 8€/person (normal price 16€/person).

Tytyrisali -  Kuvattu 7.4.2012

Serving of food

The Tytyri Hall is perfect for lunches after a guided tour, or for an unforgettable party or business event. Service of food and coffee in the Tytyri Hall can be brought with you, or ordered from a catering service of your own choice. Below you’ll find the catering services that we recommend for your event in the Tytyri Hall.

Chef´s Café & Catering

044 288 7777

Lohjan Juhlaserviisi

019 383 771


0400 831587